Arrested While Visiting Park City?

As a local Park City attorney, Jessica Peterson regularly assists tourists who find themselves in some trouble after visiting Park City or the surrounding areas.

Jessica understands that if you find yourself facing criminal charges after a trip to Park City, you may not want to return to Utah for court or you may not even be able to afford a return trip. Attorney Jessica Peterson can help you avoid having to return to Utah for court, saving you time and money.

Because of Jessica’s vast experience in the Park City courts, she is able to quickly and seamlessly resolve your case. Unlike other attorneys, Jessica provides you the local expertise required to effectively handle your case as an out-of-state resident. Attorney Jessica Peterson has successfully defended numerous types of crimes in Park City, Utah – from major drug trafficking charges and DUI to disorderly conduct and public intoxication charges. She will aggressively represent your case and do everything possible to obtain the outcome you desire.

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How much do criminal defense attorneys cost in Utah?

The cost of a criminal defense attorney can vary widely depending on a variety of factors, including the type and complexity of charges, the experience of the criminal defense attorney and the amount of work required by the case. On average, a criminal case can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a simple misdemeanor to $3000-$5000 for basic and midlevel felonies.  Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney Jessica Peterson takes special care to make sure the price she charges is fair. At J. Peterson Law, PLLC, we will work with you to make your fee manageable. We pledge to base your fee on the work required in your individual case and on your desired outcome, rather than basing your fee on just the charges you face.  We let you choose whether you would like to pay an hourly fee (where you are billed for each hour of work that goes into your case) or a flat fee (where you know what the price will be upfront, regardless of whether we end up doing more work than we have charged you for). We are more than happy to arrange a payment plan that fits with your budget. We believe you have enough to worry about, and the the price of your legal defense should not add to the stress you are already facing from your charges. 

Below is a link that further explains the fees involved in defending a criminal case:


What types of criminal defense cases do you accept?

At J. Peterson Law, PLLC, we represent clients faced with criminal charges in Utah. Unlike other law firms, we exclusively practice criminal defense, so you know we are passionate about our work.  Our work on your case begins with a free consultation. After speaking with you, we let you  decide if we are the right fit to defend your case. We represent clients faced with criminal charges in Utah. Primarily, we practice in Northern Utah, including Salt Lake, Tooele, Ogden, Park City, Provo and all surrounding areas. We will also travel throughout Utah if necessary to meet our client's needs. 

Please see our Practice Areas page for more information.

What are my rights if I am stopped by the police in Utah?

The United States Constitution protects all of us during police encounters. You may have heard of the right to remain silent and about illegal searches and seizures. The law has developed to be so complex, that your rights can change drastically depending on the specific facts surrounding why you have encountered the police. Generally speaking, if the police are asking you to search your car, house or body, then they aren't allowed to search you unless your give them permission. If you are in a situation like this, you have the right to say "no" to the request. 

Perhaps the biggest mistake criminal defense attorneys see clients make is thinking that cooperating with police will somehow protect your from criminal charges. Often, clients give up valuable Constitutional rights - like the right to remain silent - in order to gain favor with the police. It's common knowledge amongst defense attorneys that there is nothing to be gained from speaking to the police once you are under arrest. 

To find out more about your rights, Attorney Jessica Peterson recommends reading the article, "WHAT TO DO IF YOU'RE STOPPED BY POLICE, IMMIGRATION AGENTS OR THE FBI."

 If you believe your rights were violated by the police in your criminal case, please contact us now to discuss your options. J. Peterson Law, PLLC 435.339.9395.

Why should I choose J. Peterson Law, PLLC to fight my Utah criminal charges?

You should only select J. Peterson Law, PLLC to help with your case if you feel confident after speaking with defense attorney Jessica Peterson. Choosing the right attorney for your case could mean the difference between years in prison or walking free. You should speak with a few attorneys before deciding which attorney is right for you. While  experience and price are important factors to consider when choosing an attorney, you should also choose an attorney whom you feel comfortable with and who you trust. 

Attorney Jessica Peterson only practices criminal law. That means that she lives and breathes this stuff. She has handled literally thousands of criminal charges in Utah, both felonies and misdemeanors. Many attorneys talk a big talk, but Jessica Peterson has also walked the walk. She is an experience trial attorney, which gives her clients a distinct advantage - because Jessica begins fighting the case from the beginning and preparing the case for trial from the start. She is skilled at highlighting the prosecutor's weaknesses and attacking police errors. Not only does Jessica have an impressive record in the courtroom, she has also worked with state legislatures writing and reforming the criminal laws. She understand the nuts and bolts of the law and uses this unique understanding to her client's advantage. Most importantly, Jessica Peterson places a top priority on hearing from her clients about their individual desires for a case. J. Peterson Law, PLLC was founded on principles of providing exceptional legal services, and Attorney Jessica Peterson strives to collaborate with you to achieve the best outcome possible for your case.