How much do criminal defense attorneys cost in Utah?

The cost of a criminal defense attorney can vary widely depending on a variety of factors, including the type and complexity of charges, the experience of the criminal defense attorney and the amount of work required by the case. On average, a criminal case can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a simple misdemeanor to $3000-$5000 for basic and midlevel felonies.  Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney Jessica Peterson takes special care to make sure the price she charges is fair. At J. Peterson Law, PLLC, we will work with you to make your fee manageable. We pledge to base your fee on the work required in your individual case and on your desired outcome, rather than basing your fee on just the charges you face.  We let you choose whether you would like to pay an hourly fee (where you are billed for each hour of work that goes into your case) or a flat fee (where you know what the price will be upfront, regardless of whether we end up doing more work than we have charged you for). We are more than happy to arrange a payment plan that fits with your budget. We believe you have enough to worry about, and the the price of your legal defense should not add to the stress you are already facing from your charges. 

Below is a link that further explains the fees involved in defending a criminal case: