What are my rights if I am stopped by the police in Utah?

The United States Constitution protects all of us during police encounters. You may have heard of the right to remain silent and about illegal searches and seizures. The law has developed to be so complex, that your rights can change drastically depending on the specific facts surrounding why you have encountered the police. Generally speaking, if the police are asking you to search your car, house or body, then they aren't allowed to search you unless your give them permission. If you are in a situation like this, you have the right to say "no" to the request. 

Perhaps the biggest mistake criminal defense attorneys see clients make is thinking that cooperating with police will somehow protect your from criminal charges. Often, clients give up valuable Constitutional rights - like the right to remain silent - in order to gain favor with the police. It's common knowledge amongst defense attorneys that there is nothing to be gained from speaking to the police once you are under arrest. 

To find out more about your rights, Attorney Jessica Peterson recommends reading the article, "WHAT TO DO IF YOU'RE STOPPED BY POLICE, IMMIGRATION AGENTS OR THE FBI."

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