Why should I choose J. Peterson Law, PLLC to fight my Utah criminal charges?

You should only select J. Peterson Law, PLLC to help with your case if you feel confident after speaking with defense attorney Jessica Peterson. Choosing the right attorney for your case could mean the difference between years in prison or walking free. You should speak with a few attorneys before deciding which attorney is right for you. While  experience and price are important factors to consider when choosing an attorney, you should also choose an attorney whom you feel comfortable with and who you trust. 

Attorney Jessica Peterson only practices criminal law. That means that she lives and breathes this stuff. She has handled literally thousands of criminal charges in Utah, both felonies and misdemeanors. Many attorneys talk a big talk, but Jessica Peterson has also walked the walk. She is an experience trial attorney, which gives her clients a distinct advantage - because Jessica begins fighting the case from the beginning and preparing the case for trial from the start. She is skilled at highlighting the prosecutor's weaknesses and attacking police errors. Not only does Jessica have an impressive record in the courtroom, she has also worked with state legislatures writing and reforming the criminal laws. She understand the nuts and bolts of the law and uses this unique understanding to her client's advantage. Most importantly, Jessica Peterson places a top priority on hearing from her clients about their individual desires for a case. J. Peterson Law, PLLC was founded on principles of providing exceptional legal services, and Attorney Jessica Peterson strives to collaborate with you to achieve the best outcome possible for your case.